Home Removals

We Understand Timing We've seen it so many times on your moving day. Let's face it, it is never going to be a day of retail therapy, especially when you're moving with a completion deadline and there's a delay. But don't worry, in most completion removals we're booked with you all day and in some cases, way into the night and the next morning.

When it goes wrong Yes, it happens, normally within a large chain completing, solicitors who don't do what's expected and estate agents who don't seem to have the keys, we've seen it all. So even if it all goes pear shaped, we can arrange storage, re delivery, whatever it takes to resolve the situation.

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Rental Removals

Seriously Cost Effective

Rental removals in Brighton and Hove are our bread and butter. We use spacious vans, that are large enough to fit an entire studio or two bedroom apartment, so you don’t have to pay for space you don’t need.

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Storage Removals

Safe, secure and dry.

Sometimes you just can't avoid storage. You might be traveling, downsizing, temporarily moving to a smaller property, there are many reasons. We have direct access to many reputable storage facilities across the county. Long term or short term contracts are available.

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No One Present Removals

It Happens We receive many calls for no-one present removals, they can range from disappeared tenants to unfortunate probate cases. Regardless of the cause, we undertake the various instructions that are sometimes legally required with clearances and removals from Landlords, Solicitors and next of kin. If required we can deliver goods to auction, locally or remotely. 95% of all clearances are now fully recycled.

Safe & Secure If required we can provide locksmiths to gain entry, full trades to repair and make good and end of tenancy cleaners. In most cases we provide photographic evidence of the belongings and before and after photos. Each job is different and we simply adapt as required.

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Man And A Van

It makes complete sense

Our vans help us move stuff from one part of the city to another and beyond. However, it’s our great team of movers that make our man and a van service the best in the city. Our movers are smart, strong, experienced, and have a personality. They’re the exact people you want on your side when you’re moving and have moved thousands of difficult furniture and office pieces. If they don’t have previous experience moving something, they’re also smart enough to figure out how to to do it without injury.

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Social Media Supreme

Let's be honest, when we buy something we want it straight away. It can be a new white appliance, a clearance item from a store, a used sofa from Gumtree, Facebook Selling Pages or Facebook Marketplace. In fact it can be anything that you want it to be. Don't worry, we can collect and deliver to you without any grief. It's a service that makes sense, now you can feel free to get those great clearance items and be assured that you have a way to get them home within Brighton and Hove, or anywhere else you decide.

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